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• OMPAP and DSP emulators · PDF brochureJTAGjet-Cortex-M3
  • ARM emulator · PDF brochureJTAGjet-ARM
  • Opto-isolation adapter · PDF brochureopto-isolator


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Hardware: JTAGjet & JTAGjet-Trace In-Circuit Debuggers

JTAGjet, a real-time, transparent in-circuit debugger based on the JTAG boundary scan port. It features High-Speed USB 2.0 port connection to offer maximum communication speeds and convenience. JTAGjet comes with the powerful Chameleon Debugger software.


Support for ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, MPCore, XScale, Sitara, Stellaris, DaVinci, OMAP, OMAP2, OMAP3. See a more detailed list of supported devices

Ultra-fast downloads exceeding 1 MByte/sec
USB 2.0 (480Mbps) connection to host PC
Compatible with Code Composer Studio (TI)
Smart Flash Programmer
JTAG chain Device Detection

Variable (up to 30 MHz) and Adaptive JTAG clock

Auto-sensing JTAG voltage

JTAGjet-Trace, a real-time, transparent in-circuit debugger with a real-time trace buffer. Supports all ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, OMAP, OMAP2 OMAP3 devices equipped with the Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) at speeds of up to 400 MHz. Available with trace depths of 1M, 2M and 4M frames and each frame is time-stamped with CPU cycle accuracy. For more information, see the PDF brochure above.


Up to 400 MSamples/sec trace acquisition speed (up to 400 MHz CPU speeds)

Support for all ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, OMAP, OMAP2 and OMAP3  cores equipped with ETM trace logic
Availability with 1M, 2M and 4M frame trace buffers
Support for 4, 8 and 16-bit wide trace busses
56-bit time stamp with CPU cycle accuracy
Easy access to all ETM modes, triggers and filtering

Available with a standard Mictor-38 target connector or 20-pin Cortex connector

Quiet operation—no fans or exposed heatsinks
Plain JTAG adapter for boards without ETM


Hardware: Key Benefits


ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, MPCore, XScale, OMAP, OMAP2, OMAP3, Sitara, Stellaris, DaVinci, and C2000. more

Download speeds above 1 MByte/sec
Prices as low as $1,500 (USA only) with ARM7 & ARM9 debugger
Real-Time Embedded Trace (ETM) and Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) support option
USB 2.0 connection to host PC

C, C++ and assembly level debugging

Broad compiler compatibility... more
Integrated Flash programming
Multiple cores handled on the same screen
Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000 compatible.

Software: Chameleon Debugger


Chameleon Debugger is designed for a variety of hardware emulation interfaces to target boards on one end, and a communication channel to the host PC on the other. The program provides a consistent user interface to an embedded project at all stages of the development cycle from CPU evaluation to production testing.

Chameleon supports many different CPUs on plain or Multi-Core (SoC) targets in a single debugging environment. Regardless of the number of CPUs being debugged, Chameleon offers... more .

JTAGjet in Tandem with Chameleon: Key Benefits


Ideal for homogeneous and heterogeneous Multi-Core and Multi-CPU targets (SoC) with optional support for:

ARM, XScale, Cortex, OMAP, DaVinci, TMS470, TMS570, TMS320, Tricore and C166.

Virtual I/O to give the target CPU access to the host PC console and disk files during development.
Drag and drop variables and addresses between windows.
Trace window with customizable columns, filters and queries (with ETM or ETB options).
Time stamping on all trace entries with CPU cycle resolution (with optional ETM module).

Powerful breakpoints, step-into, step-over and step-out at the C, C++ and assembler levels.

Variable values pop-up when the mouse moves over the source code.
Variables displayed according to their definitions (structures, unions, strings, etc.).
Grouping of on-chip registers together according to function for easy access.
Command mode facility with macros (scripts) for automated debug and testing.
Real-time logging to outside applications for graphing or post-processing.
Made in USA.
To take a look at the JTAGjet and Chameleon user interface, click here .

JTAGjet Supported Microprocessors & Boards

Deployment Readiness  As a base for your own development, we provide ready to run C demo programs, test macros, compilation batch files and configuration settings for a broad range of target and evaluation boards.

The JTAGjet emulator supports all ARM7/9/11 and Cortex cores, therefore all CPUs and MCUs based on these cores. However, not all devices listed here were explicitly tested, especially if there is family with many similar members.


Microprocessor Compatibility

COREMP7, Cortex-M1
EPXA10 (Excalibur), Cortex-M1
A1, A2, A5s25, A5s30, A5s50
Analog Devices
ADuC7019, ADuC7020, ADuC7021, ADuC7022, AduC7023, ADuC7024, ADuC7025, ADuC7026, ADuC7027, ADuC7028, ADuC7029, ADuC7030, ADuC7032, ADuC7033, ADuC7034, ADuC7036, ADuC7037, ADuC7038, ADuC7039, ADuC7060, ADuC7061, ADuC7062, AduC7122, ADuC7128, ADuC7129, ADuC7229
ARM (cores)
ARM1136, ARM1156, ARM1176, ARM710T, ARM720T, ARM740T, ARM7EJ-S, ARM7TDMI, ARM7TDMI-S, ARM920T, ARM922T, ARM926EJ-S, ARM940T, ARM946E-S, ARM966E-S, ARM968E-S, ARM9TDMI, Cortex-A8, Cortex-M1, Cortex-M3, Cortex-R4, MPCore
AT75C220, AT75C310, AT75C320, AT76C501, AT76C502, AT76C502A, AT76C503, AT76C503A, AT76C510, AT76C551, AT76C901, AT78C1501, AT91C140, AT91CAP7, AT91CAP7E, AT91CAP7S250A, AT91CAP7S450A, AT91CAP9S250, AT91CAP9S500, AT91F40416, AT91F40816, AT91F816, AT91FR40162, AT91FR40162S, AT91FR4042, AT91FR4081, AT91M40100, AT91M40400, AT91M40403, AT91M40800, AT91M40807, AT91M42800, AT91M42800A, AT91M43300, AT91M55800, AT91M55800A, AT91M63200, AT91R40008, AT91R40807, AT91RM3400, AT91RM9200, AT91SAM3S1, AT91SAM3S2, AT91SAM3S4, AT91SAM3U1C, AT91SAM3U1E, AT91SAM3U2C, AT91SAM3U2E, AT91SAM3U4, AT91SAM3U4C, AT91SAM3U4E, AT91SAM7A1, AT91SAM7A2, AT91SAM7A3, AT91SAM7L128, AT91SAM7L64, AT91SAM7S128, AT91SAM7S16, AT91SAM7S161, AT91SAM7S256, AT91SAM7S32, AT91SAM7S321, AT91SAM7S512, AT91SAM7S64, AT91SAM7SE256, AT91SAM7SE32, AT91SAM7SE512, AT91SAM7SL128, AT91SAM7X128, AT91SAM7X256, AT91SAM7X512, AT91SAM7XC128, AT91SAM7XC256, AT91SAM7XC512, AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9261, AT91SAM9261-EK, AT91SAM9261S, AT91SAM9263, AT91SAM9263-EK, AT91SAM9G10, AT91SAM9G20, AT91SAM9G45, AT91SAM9M10, AT91SAM9R64, AT91SAM9RL128, AT91SAM9RL256, AT91SAM9RL512, AT91SAM9RL64, AT91SAM9XE128, AT91SAM9XE256, AT91SAM9XE512, AT91SAMSL128, AT91SC321RC, AT572D940, AT91C140, AT91F40416, AT91F40816, AT91FR40162, AT91FR4042, AT91FR4081, AT91M40400, AT91M40800, AT91M40807, AT91M42800A, AT91M43300, AT91M55800A, AT91M63200, AT91R40008, AT91R40807, AT91RM3400, AT91RM9200, AT91SAM3S1A, AT91SAM3S1B, AT91SAM3S1C, AT91SAM3S2A, AT91SAM3S2B, AT91SAM3S2C, AT91SAM3S4A, AT91SAM3S4B, AT91SAM3S4C, AT91SAM3U1C, AT91SAM3U1E, AT91SAM3U2C, AT91SAM3U2E, AT91SAM3U4C, AT91SAM3U4E, AT91SAM7A1, AT91SAM7A2, AT91SAM7A3, AT91SAM7L128, AT91SAM7L64, AT91SAM7S128, AT91SAM7S16, AT91SAM7S161, AT91SAM7S256, AT91SAM7S32, AT91SAM7S321, AT91SAM7S64, AT91SAM7SE256, AT91SAM7SE32, AT91SAM7SE512, AT91SAM7X128, AT91SAM7X256, AT91SAM7X512, AT91SAM7XC128, AT91SAM7XC256, AT91SAM7XC512, AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9261, AT91SAM9261S, AT91SAM9263, AT91SAM9G10, AT91SAM9G20, AT91SAM9G45, AT91SAM9R64, AT91SAM9RL64, AT91SAM9XE128, AT91SAM9XE256, AT91SAM9XE512, EB40A, EB42, EB55, EB63, RM9200-DK, RM9200-EK
Cirrus Logic
CS22210, CS22220, CS22230, CS22250, CS22270, CS740110-IQZ, CS740120-IQZ, CS740130-IQZ, CS89712, CSM5000, CSM5200, EP9301,  EP7312, EP9315
Cavium Networks
CNS1101, CNS1102, CNS1104, CNS1105, CNS1109, CNS1202, CNS1205, CNS2131, CNS2132, CNS2133, CNS2181, CNS2182X, CNS3410, CNS3420
DSP Group
EM351, EM357
Energy Micro
EFM32G200F16, EFM32G200F32, EFM32G200F64, EFM32G210F128, EFM32G230F128, EFM32G230F32, EFM32G230F64, EFM32G280F128, EFM32G280F32, EFM32G280F64, EFM32G290F128, EFM32G290F32, EFM32G290F64, EFM32G840F128, EFM32G840F32, EFM32G840F64, EFM32G880F128, EFM32G880F32, EFM32G880F64, EFM32G890F128, EFM32G890F32, EFM32G890F64
FA526, FA606TE, FA626 FA626TE, IA320DA0
Freescale Semiconductor

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MB86R01, MB9AF112L, MB9AF112M, MB9AF112N, MB9AF114L, MB9AF114M, MB9AF114N, MB9AF115M, MB9AF115N, MB9AF116M, MB9AF116N, MB9AF312L, MB9AF312M, MB9AF312N, MB9AF314L, MB9AF314M, MB9AF314N, MB9AF315M, MB9AF315N, MB9AF316M, MB9AF316N
netX50, netX100, netX500
IOP321, XP420, XP425, IXP435, IXP465, PXA210, PXA250, PXA255, PXA263, PXA26x, PXA27x
L7200, L7205, L7210
LSI Corporation
APP2200, APP2210, APP2220 APP2230, APP2240, APP2250, APP3300, Logic CBP3.0, Logic CBP4.0, Logic L64324
Luminary Micro
LM3S101, LM3S102, LM3S1110, LM3S1133, LM3S1138, LM3S1150, LM3S1162, LM3S1165, LM3S1332, LM3S1435, LM3S1439, LM3S1512, LM3S1538, LM3S1601, LM3S1607, LM3S1608, LM3S1620, LM3S1625, LM3S1626, LM3S1627, LM3S1635, LM3S1637, LM3S1751, LM3S1776, LM3S1811, LM3S1816, LM3S1850, LM3S1911, LM3S1918, LM3S1937, LM3S1958, LM3S1960, LM3S1968, LM3S1J11, LM3S1J16, LM3S1N11, LM3S1N16, LM3S1W16, LM3S1Z16, LM3S2110, LM3S2139, LM3S2276, LM3S2410, LM3S2412, LM3S2432, LM3S2533, LM3S2601, LM3S2608, LM3S2616, LM3S2620, LM3S2637, LM3S2651, LM3S2671, LM3S2678, LM3S2730, LM3S2739, LM3S2776, LM3S2793, LM3S2911, LM3S2918, LM3S2939, LM3S2948, LM3S2950, LM3S2965, LM3S2B93, LM3S300, LM3S301, LM3S308, LM3S310, LM3S315, LM3S316, LM3S317, LM3S328, LM3S3651, LM3S3739, LM3S3748, LM3S3749, LM3S3759, LM3S3768, LM3S3826, LM3S3J26, LM3S3N26, LM3S3W26, LM3S3Z26, LM3S5632, LM3S5651, LM3S5652, LM3S5656, LM3S566, LM3S5662, LM3S5732, LM3S5737, LM3S5739, LM3S5747, LM3S5749, LM3S5752, LM3S5757, LM3S5762, LM3S5767, LM3S5768, LM3S5769, LM3S5791, LM3S5951, LM3S5956, LM3S5B91, LM3S5K31, LM3S5K36, LM3S5P31, LM3S5P36, LM3S5P51, LM3S5P56, LM3S5R31, LM3S5R36, LM3S5T36, LM3S5Y36, LM3S600, LM3S601, LM3S608, LM3S610, LM3S6100, LM3S611, LM3S6110, LM3S612, LM3S613, LM3S615, LM3S617, LM3S618, LM3S628, LM3S6420, LM3S6422, LM3S6432, LM3S6537, LM3S6601, LM3S6608, LM3S6610, LM3S6611, LM3S6618, LM3S6633, LM3S6637, LM3S6730, LM3S6753, LM3S6911, LM3S6918, LM3S6938, LM3S6950, LM3S6952, LM3S6965, LM3S800, LM3S801, LM3S808, LM3S811, LM3S812, LM3S815, LM3S817, LM3S818, LM3S828, LM3S8530, LM3S8538, LM3S8630, LM3S8730, LM3S8733, LM3S8738, LM3S8930, LM3S8933, LM3S8938, LM3S8962, LM3S8970, LM3S8971, LM3S9790, LM3S9792, LM3S9997, LM3S9B90, LM3S9B92, LM3S9B95, LM3S9B96, LM3S9L97
PXA270, PXA271, PXA272, PXA290
PUC303xA, CDC3207G, CDC3217G, CDC3257G, CDC3272G, CDC32XXG
NS7520, NS9360
NUC100LC1AN, NUC100LD1AN, NUC100LD2AN, NUC100LD3AN, NUC100LE3AN, NUC100RC1AN, NUC100RD1AN, NUC100RD2AN, NUC100RD3AN, NUC100RE3AN, NUC100VD2AN, NUC100VD3AN, NUC100VE3AN, NUC101LC1AN, NUC101LD2AN, NUC101LE3AN, NUC101RC1AN, NUC101RD2AN, NUC101RE3AN, NUC101VC1AN, NUC101VD2AN, NUC101VE3AN, NUC120LC1AN, NUC120LD1AN, NUC120LD2AN, NUC120LD3AN, NUC120LE3AN, NUC120RC1AN, NUC120RD1AN, NUC120RD2AN, NUC120RD3AN, NUC120RE3AN, NUC120VD2AN, NUC120VD3AN, NUC120VE3AN, NUC122LC1AN, NUC122LD2AN, NUC122SC1AN, NUC122SD2AN, NUC122ZC1AN, NUC122ZD2AN, NUC130LD2AN, NUC130LD3AN, NUC130LE3AN, NUC130RD2AN, NUC130RD3AN, NUC130RE3AN, NUC130VD2AN, NUC130VD3AN, NUC130VE3AN, NUC140LD2AN, NUC140LD3AN, NUC140LE3AN, NUC140RD2AN, NUC140RD3AN, NUC140RE3AN, NUC140VD2AN, NUC140VD3AN, NUC140VE3AN, NUC501, W90E9704, W90E9704, W90E9705, W90E9724, W90E9725, W90E9734, W90E9735, W90N710, W90N740, W90N745, W90P710, W90P910, W90P920, W90P950, W90PN960
NXP (Philips)
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ML670100, ML671000, ML674000, ML674001, ML674002, ML674003, ML674080, ML675001, ML675002, ML675003, ML675011, ML675050, ML675200, ML675300, ML67Q2300, ML67Q2301, ML67Q4002, ML67Q4003, ML67Q4050, ML67Q4051, ML67Q4060, ML67Q4061, ML67Q4100, ML67Q5002, ML67Q5003, ML67Q5200, ML67Q5250, ML67Q5260, ML67Q5300, ML696201, ML696500, ML69Q6203, ML69Q6501, ML70511LA, ML7051LA
K32C5000A, K32C6200A, S3C2410A, S3C2440A, S3C2440X, S3C2510A, S3C3400, S3C3400A, S3C3400X, S3C3410X, S3C380D, S3C44A0A, S3C44B0x, S3C4510B, S3C4520A, S3C4530A, S3C4610, S3C4610D, S3C4620D, S3C4640, S3C4640X, S3C4650, S3C4650D, S3C46C0, S3C46M0X, S3C4909A, S3C49F9X, S3F380D, S3F441FX, S3F445HX, S3F460H, S3F4A0K, S3F4A0KR, S3F4A1H, S3F4A1HR, S3F4A2F, S3F4A2FR, S5N8946, S5N8947, S5PC100, S5PC110
NXP BlueStreak. Click here
Socle Technology Corp.
PC7130, PC7230
SpearNet, STA2051, STM32F100C4, STM32F100C6, STM32F100C8, STM32F100CB, STM32F100R4, STM32F100R6, STM32F100R8, STM32F100RB, STM32F100V8, STM32F100VB, STM32F101, STM32F101C4, STM32F101C6, STM32F101C8, STM32F101CB, STM32F101R4, STM32F101R6, STM32F101R8, STM32F101RB, STM32F101RC, STM32F101RD, STM32F101RE, STM32F101RF, STM32F101RG, STM32F101T4, STM32F101T6, STM32F101T8, STM32F101TB, STM32F101V8, STM32F101VB, STM32F101VC, STM32F101VD, STM32F101VE, STM32F101VF, STM32F101VG, STM32F101ZC, STM32F101ZD, STM32F101ZE, STM32F101ZF, STM32F101ZG, STM32F102C4, STM32F102C6, STM32F102C8, STM32F102CB, STM32F102R4, STM32F102R6, STM32F102R8, STM32F102RB, STM32F103, STM32F103C4, STM32F103C6, STM32F103C8, STM32F103CB, STM32F103R4, STM32F103R6, STM32F103R8, STM32F103RB, STM32F103RC, STM32F103RD, STM32F103RE, STM32F103T4, STM32F103T6, STM32F103T8, STM32F103TB, STM32F103V8, STM32F103VB, STM32F103VC, STM32F103VD, STM32F103VE, STM32F103ZC, STM32F103ZD, STM32F103ZE, STM32F105R8, STM32F105R8T6, STM32F105RB, STM32F105RBT6, STM32F105RC, STM32F105RCT6, STM32F105V8, STM32F105V8H6, STM32F105V8T6, STM32F105VB, STM32F105VBH6, STM32F105VBT6, STM32F105VC, STM32F105VCH6, STM32F105VCT6, STM32F107RB, STM32F107RBT6, STM32F107RC, STM32F107RCT6, STM32F107VB, STM32F107VBH6, STM32F107VBT6, STM32F107VC, STM32F107VCH6, STM32F107VCT6, STM32F215RE, STM32F215RG, STM32F215VE, STM32F215VG, STM32F215ZE, STM32F215ZG, STM32F217IE, STM32F217IG, STM32F217VE, STM32F217VG, STM32F217ZE, STM32F217ZG, STM32W108CB, STM32W108HB, STR710, STR710FZ1, STR710FZ2, STR711, STR711FR0, STR711FR1, STR711FR2, STR712, STR712FR0, STR712FR1, STR712FR2, STR715, STR715FR0, STR720, STR730, STR730FZ1, STR730FZ2, STR731, STR731FV0, STR731FV1, STR731FV2, STR735, STR735FZ1, STR735FZ2, STR736, STR736FV0, STR736FV1, STR750, STR750FL2, STR750FV, STR750FV0, STR750FV1, STR750FV2, STR751, STR751FR, STR751FR0, STR751FR1, STR751FR2, STR752, STR752FR, STR752FR0, STR752FR1, STR752FR2, STR753, STR755FR, STR755FR0, STR755FR1, STR755FR2, STR755FV, STR755FV0, STR755FV1, STR755FV2, STR9, STR910F, STR910F/FA, STR910FAM32, STR910FAW32, STR910FAZ32, STR910FM32, STR910FW32, STR911F, STR911F/FA, STR911FAM42, STR911FAM44, STR911FAM46, STR911FAM47, STR911FAW42, STR911FAW44, STR911FAW46, STR911FAW47, STR911FM42, STR911FM44, STR912F, STR912F/FA, STR912FAW32, STR912FAW42, STR912FAW44, STR912FAW46, STR912FAW47, STR912FAZ42, STR912FAZ44, STR912FAZ46, STR912FAZ47, STR912FW42, STR912FW44
Texas Instruments
AM3503, AM3517, DaVinci, DaVinciHD, Jacinto, Jacinto2, OMAP, OMAP1510, OMAP1610, OMAP1611, OMAP1612, OMAP1710, OMAP2, OMAP2420, OMAP2430, OMAP2431, OMAP3, OMAP310, OMAP331, OMAP3410, OMAP3420, OMAP3430, OMAP3440, OMAP3503, OMAP3503-HIREL, OMAP3515, OMAP3525, OMAP3530, OMAP3640, OMAP5905, OMAP5910, OMAP5912, OMAP730, OMAP850, OMAP-DM510, OMAP-DM515, OMAP-DM525, OMAP-L137, OMAP-L138, OMAPV1030, OMAPV1035, Sitara, Stellaris, TMS320DM350, TMS320DM355, TMS320DM357, TMS320DM365, TMS320DM420, TMS320DM6441, TMS320DM6443, TMS320DM6446, TMS320DMDM310, TMS320DMDM320, TMS320VC5470, TMS320VC5471, TMS470, TMS470PLF111, TMS470PLF211, TMS470PLF312, TMS470PLF512, TMS470PVF241, TMS470PVF245B, TMS470PVF246B, TMS470PVF247B, TMS470PVF248Bx Rev 0, TMS470PVF344, TMS470PVF348Bx Rev 0, TMS470Q, TMS470R1A128, TMS470R1A256, TMS470R1A288, TMS470R1A384, TMS470R1A64, TMS470R1B1M, TMS470R1B512, TMS470R1B768, TMS470R1F369, TMS470R1VC002, TMS470R1VC012, TMS470R1VC334A, TMS470R1VC336A, TMS470R1VC338, TMS470R1VC346A, TMS470R1VC348, TMS470R1VC478, TMS470R1VC668, TMS470R1VC688, TMS470R1VF228, TMS470R1VF288, TMS470R1VF334A, TMS470R1VF336, TMS470R1VF336A, TMS470R1VF338, TMS470R1VF346A, TMS470R1VF348, TMS470R1VF356, TMS470R1VF356A, TMS470R1VF37A, TMS470R1VF448, TMS470R1VF45A, TMS470R1VF45AA, TMS470R1VF45B, TMS470R1VF45BA, TMS470R1VF478, TMS470R1VF48B, TMS470R1VF48C, TMS470R1VF558, TMS470R1VF55B, TMS470R1VF55BA, TMS470R1VF58C, TMS470R1VF668, TMS470R1VF67A, TMS470R1VF688, TMS470R1VF689, TMS470R1VF76B, TMS470R1VF7AC, TMS570
MSM5000, MSM6000
VT6239, VT8420
See Nuvoton

JTAGjet Compiler and Debugger Support

Compiler & Assembler Compatibility

• IAR Systems
  Embedded Workbench
• ARM Ltd.
  ADS and AXD
• Freescale
• Green Hills
  Multi 2000
• Keil
• Raisonance
• Texas Instruments
  Code Composer Studio
Code Composer
• WindRiver
  Diab Data
• IAR Systems
  Embedded Workbench
• ARM Ltd.
  ADS, AXD and Real-View
• eSOL
• Freescale
  •   Signum Systems
      Chameleon Debugger

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