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8051 DEBUGGER  8051 debugger description

Chameleon-WEMU™ is a source level debugger for the 8051 (80C51) family of microcontrollers. Regardless of the target system, the program provides an excellent, highly praised, user interface to an embedded project at all stages in the development process. The debugger has been designed to interface with a broad spectrum of embedded development hardware: the Signum ADM-51 in-circuit debuggers (ICD), USP-series in-circuit emulators (ICE), RISM-compatible evaluation boards, embedded monitors and CPU simulators in mind. Chameleon-WEMU can also act as a telnet server, which allows users across a network to join a debug session using standard telnet client terminals. More

What makes Chameleon the favorite pet of so many?

Embedded debugger

Like a true chameleon known for its ability to change the color of the skin in different environments in which he thrives on bugs caught with unparalleled mastery, our debugger feels at home just about everywhere • It supports a rich spectrum of CPU families and target systems, ranging from simulators through evaluation boards and in-circuit emulators to final embedded products • The software is fully network-aware and capable of communicating with remote debug targets • It also provides real-time

Embedded debugger

trace, code coverage and performance analysis,

Debugger for 8051 development.

Chamaeleo signumiensis extraordinarius

code optimization, and a vast array of other capabilities indispensable in the daily work of an embedded systems developer • The program even supports co-debugging, allowing you to connect to any command line

Embedded debugger

window within the debugger via a standard telnet  client in order to operate in a shared window setting • Regardless of the environment, Signum Systems’ Chameleon maintains the same high quality debugging interface standard • This powerfully intelligent state-of-the-art tool makes detecting and eliminating errors from your embedded systems software efficient and Hop to top.effortless