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dedicated to the Infineon C166 and Tricore platforms is a real-time, transparent in-circuit emulator (ICE) based on the JTAG boundary scan port. The emulator comes with a fast USB 2.0 port connection. With the add-on ICE-Server software, the ICE may be used for debugging targets in remote sites over the TCP/IP network. The JTAGjet comes with the powerful Chameleon Debugger software.

designed for a variety of hardware emulation interfaces to target boards (JTAG, BDM, ICE, STAG) on one end, and a fast communication channel to the host PC on the other. It provides a consistent user interface to an embedded project at all stages of the development cycle from CPU evaluation to production testing. Chameleon supports many different CPUs and DSPs in plain or Multi-Core (SoC) targets in a single debugging environment. Regardless of the number of CPUs being debugged, Chameleon offers... .


JTAGjet: Key Benefits

Supports Infineon XC161, XC164, XC167 and Synopsys C166S soft cores.
Supports all TriCore devices and cores.
With optional adapters and debuggers, supports all ARM7 and ARM9 devices, Texas Instruments TMS320 DSPs and the OMAP, OMAP2 and OMAP3 platforms.
USB 2.0 High-Speed 480 Mbps connection to host PC.
Optional Multi-core Chameleon Debugger for C166 family.
Small, portable and inexpensive.
Compatible with GHS and Tasking compilers.
Includes ready to use Board Support startup files and examples for Infineon and Phytec Evaluation Modules (EVM).

High-speed downloads up to 300 KB/s (CPU dependent).
Auto-adaptive emulation clock or manual setting from 1kHz to 35MHz.
Smart power-up and external Reset handling.
Easy JTAG chain diagnostics for detecting devices, no-power, no clock, or broken JTAG connections.
Automatic processor initialization on power-up and Reset (memory mapping, peripheral setting, MMU, WD disable etc.)
Integrated Flash programming support for on-chip and off-chip Flash memory.
Remote debugging and emulator sharing over LAN with optional ICEServer software.
Auto-sensing JTAG voltage and detachable target headers to accommodate various JTAG pinout standards.
Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 & XP compatible.

JTAGjet-Chameleon Combo Features

Ideal for homogeneous and heterogeneous Multi-Core and Multi-CPU targets (SoC) with optional support for:



Remote debugging over TCP/IP networks.
Virtual I/O to give the target CPU access to the host PC console and disk files during development.
Graphical Virtual I/O devices (VIPER) to targets to speed-up debugging of prototypes.
Drag and drop variables and addresses between windows.
Trace window with customizable columns, filters and queries (with optional ETM module).
Time stamping on all trace entries with CPU cycle resolution (with optional ETM module).

Powerful breakpoints, step-into, step-over and step-out at the C, C++ and assembler levels.

Variable values pop-up when the mouse moves over the source code.
Variables displayed according to their definitions (structures, unions, strings, etc.).
Grouping of on-chip registers together according to function for easy access.
Command mode facility with macros (scripts) for automated debug and testing.
Real-time logging to outside applications for graphing or post-processing.
Implements 23 years' worth of user feedback
Made in USA.
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JTAGjet Supported Microprocessors and Boards


Deployment Readiness  Since many XC166 and Tricore target boards doe not power-up to a ready to use condition, JTAGjet includes macro files that automatically configure many popular boards to a usable stage without the need to write any startup or initialization code. This feature alone saves you countless hours in the mundane task of initializing the target board before the first program can be downloaded.



Host Interface and OCDS Interface (c166)

  JTAGjet is a small, palm-sized emulator designed to work with the XC166 and TriCore devices equipped with the On-Chip Debug System (OCDS) and JTAG interface. JTAGjet connects to the PC host over:

USB 2.0 port that runs at 480 Mbps and is backward compatible with the older USB 1.1 ports.

The USB emulator does not need the external power adapter as it takes its power entirely from the USB port.

Unlike other JTAG emulators, JTAGjet supports many different JTAG pinouts and headers. To accommodate the constantly evolving JTAG world, JTAGjet features small, detachable adapters that may be replaced to fit different target boards.

Building on its 23 years of experience in making emulators for embedded controllers, Signum Systems equipped JTAGjet with many features often neglected in JTAG debuggers.

Understanding the importance of being able to debug the power-on/off and Reset conditions, JTAGjet will gracefully handle them as well as automatically adapt to the JTAG clock frequency (1 kHz to 35 MHz) and JTAG voltage, perform automatic device detection and inform of missing clock or broken JTAG chain.


JTAGjet Compatibility Table (C166 & Tricore)

Microprocessor Compatibility

Compiler & Assembler Compatibility

Target Board Compatibility


C166S V1 (Synopsys)

    C166S V2 (Synopsys)     XC164
EDE (Embedded
Development Environment)
 Signum Systems
Chameleon Debugger

  SK-XC16x Starter Kit
(XC161CJ, XC164CS, XC167CI, Board)
Development Kit


    TC1765     TC1775
    PXB4260 Harrier     PXB4225 iWorx
    PMB8860 SGold     PMB888 MGold
    Raptor1A     Raptor1B
    RiderD     RiderB
 Green Hills Software
Multi 2000
EDE (Embedded
Development Environment)
 Signum Systems
Chameleon Debugger
 Green Hills Software
    Multi 2000
CrossView Pro
    Meteor TSBC3
    Raptor Evaluation Board
    Easy 4260


  * New CPUs easily definable
by importing Dave, Excel
or text CPU register files.


JTAGjet and Chameleon in Action



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Debugger for Infineon C166  user interface.

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