8051 emulator


Currently, Signum only offers one type of emulators for the 8051
processor family: the ADM-51, a debugging probe for Teridian (Maxim) devices.
The USP-51 and USP-51A in-circuit emulators have been discontinued.


ADM-51 in-circuit debugger.

ADM-51 In-Circuit Debugger Probe
This ICD simply connects to the 8051 in the target board via a small header, so the CPU does not have to be removed from the target board. Features include:

Non overlay memory (target memory must have RAM or Flash for code download)
Emulates all, but exclusively, Teridian (Maxim) 71M65XX devices
Real-time trace buffer (PC, XDATA, Ports, IRAM and SFRs)
Code Profiler
Flash Programmer
Great for low-noise applications
Low price




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